002 Doug Chabot — Getting to #KnowSnow

On Episode 02 of the Powder 8 Podcast I chat with Doug Chabot. Doug is known today for his role as the Director of the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center based in Bozeman, Montana and for his many contributions to the global avalanche community. What most people don’t know about Doug though is his love for alpine climbing that led him to the ski and avalanche world. Doug has more than a handful of impressive first ascents to his name including the first ascent of the Elevator Shaft on Mt. Johnson in 1995, the 10 kilometer long Mazeno Ridge on Nanga Parbat in 2004, and the first alpine-style ascent of Latok II and first ascent of Latok V in Pakastan’s Karakoram in 2006. He additionally was part of a team, alongside world renown alpinist Conrad Anker, who first attempted Meru’s Shark’s Fin in 2003. Anker calls Chabot, “a heroic presence in his life.” As a testament to Doug's continued motivation he received the 2015 Mugs Stump Award alongside team members Steve Su & Rusty Willis to attempt "the most promising untried line" on Shispare Sar in Pakistan's Karakoram Himalaya. In this episode I chat with Doug about the intersection of alpine climbing and backcountry skiing, as he shares wild stories from some of his expeditions around the world. Although this episode dives a bit into the alpine climbing world, many of the topics discussed are extremely relevant to backcountry skiers. We wrap up the conversation talking about avalanche forecasting, common mistakes he has seen skiers make in his 17 years working for the GNFAC, and advice for the up-and-comers in the sport. 

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